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The Anger Management Box

The Anger Management Box


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  • Manage anger in 5 easy steps: recognize your anger, control your emotions, understand the causes, face your problems, and reflect on your attitudes.

  • Learning through play: Each step is paired with a fun activity that helps explain the steps to children in age-appropriate ways and helps them grasp and internalize the lessons

  • Complicated emotions - simple activities: Transforms therapeutic concepts into easy to understand activities that children and adults can perform together or independently.

  • Teaches Life-long Skills: Teaches emotional control techniques that are essential to good mental health and that can be used from childhood through adulthood

  • Increase Emotional Maturity: Strengthens conflict-resolution and shows kids how to express their anger in healthy and constructive ways

  • Emotional Intelligence: Promotes emotional intelligence and teaches lifelong self-care skills

  • 5 Engaging Activities: Our lessons on anger management are all taught through engaging play and exploration. The five activities include a building project, a clay "anger monster" project, origami projects, a notepad for self-reflection, and anger management cards that can be used by kids and adults of all ages to learn how to stay calm, focused, and in control.


Kit Includes: 5 instruction cards, 2 tubs of air dry putty, Deck of 52 anger management cards, 50 sheets assorted color origami paper, DIY wooden catapult, 50 sheet bad mood buster notepad

Ages 4+

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