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Anxiety Management Box

Anxiety Management Box


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  • MANAGE ANXIETY IN 5 THERAPEUTIC STEPS: 1. Catch negative thoughts 2. Check negative thoughts  3. Change or replace negative thinking 4. Practice positive thinking and 5. Spread positivity to others.
  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Each step is paired with fun & age-appropriate activities.
  • DIFFICULT EMOTIONS - SIMPLE ACTIVITIES: Transforms therapeutic concepts into easy-to-understand activities for children.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Teaches self-care and how to reframe worrying thoughts into more likely possibilities.
  • LIFELONG SKILLS: Teaches positive mindset techniques that are beneficial from childhood to adulthood.
  • 100% SCREEN-FREE FUN: Nurtures young minds through educational, hands-on learning.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS: Takes the guesswork out of gifting!

KIT INCLUDES: 5 Large Mission Cards, DIY Wooden Mailbox, 2 Tubs of Air-Dry Clay (20 Grams / 2 Colors), 25 Sheets Origami Paper (Assorted Colors), Catch-Check-Change Notepad (50 Sheets), Deck of Confidence Cards.

Ages 4+

100% Screen Free Fun

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